• We understand the seriousness of improper drainage.

  • Over 30 years experience solving water problems. 

  • Clean and respectful.

  • Can finish project 100% unlike drainage-only companies.  

J.C. Killin General Contractor has a vast knowledge in all aspects of drainage systems in the Pacific Northwest. From water in your crawlspace to water in your basement or backyard, J.C. Killin General Contractor will evaluate your problem and give you the best, most cost-effective solution. We specialize in positive slope drainage systems and sump pump drainage systems. A positive slope drainage system uses gravity to feed and push water out of and into a desired location. This type of drainage system can be used as a French-Drain in a yard, a footing drain, or a crawlspace perimeter drain. A sump pump system is typically designed for when a positive slope cannot be obtained. A drainage system would be installed and water brought to a large basin where the pump would remove the water. Normally a sump pump would be found in a house's crawlspace.

J.C. Killin General Contractor can also help with basement waterproofing, footing drains, and downspout drainage systems which can help direct water away from your house.


Warning Signs:

    Standing water anywhere in yard.
    Standing water in crawlspace. 
    Water seepage through foundation's interior walls.