J.C. Killin General Contractor knows dry-rot and crawlspace work. Our crew is well educated in excavations, dry-rot repair, post and beam replacement, earthquake retrofits, cleaning, animal-proofing and vapor barrier replacement.

·With all the rain we get in the Pacific Northwest, dry-rot and wet-rot are an all too common problem. Water can rot out wood and attract bugs and other wood destroying organisms which can be detrimental to the structure of your home. The services we can provide can eliminate the dry-rot and re-structure the problem areas of your house.

  • Clean and respectful

  • Stand behind work and will pass inspection

  • Can fix dry-rot in conjunction with drainage system.

Crawlspace Tips:

    Always use a vapor barrier over exposed earth to protect life of joists and subfloor.
    Ensure proper drainage to avoid standing water and foundation comprimise.
    A well-insulated crawlspace will stay warm and dry and improve energy efficiency.
    Make sure all joints are sealed from rodents.